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Summer Explorer Camps Memorial Butterfly Release Discover the Marine Cove Learn with Nature Explore the Butterfly House Nature Heals

Conservation Corner

The Conservation Corner features information about our conservation partnerships worldwide. Our hope is to inspire our visitors to care for and protect the environment. Sponsored by First Bank and Trust, Kate Florio and Larry Burris, the Conservation Corner is a great place to learn more about our conservation efforts and how you can help!

Our conservation partnerships include:

Save Our Monarchs

  • Operation Monarch: Spread the Milkweed! is a partnership between the Butterfly House & Aquarium and Save Our Monarchs.
  • Monarch populations have declined 80% in the past 20 years. Milkweed plants are disappearing because of agriculture, city development, herbicides, and mowing ditches. No milkweed = no Monarchs!
  • We can save these beautiful creatures from extinction one milkweed plant at a time!
  • Check out and for more information.


  • Researchers are studying sharks to understand their behavior better, in order to better protect both humans and sharks.
  • Some shark populations have declined 90% in one generation! OCEARCH aims to replace fear with facts when it comes to these beautiful creatures.
  • Sharks are the apex predators of the ocean. Without sharks, the ecosystem becomes unbalanced.
  • Sharks kill about 6 people per year, while humans kill about 100 MILLION sharks per year!
  • OCEARCH researchers catch and tag Great White sharks then track them worldwide.
  • Check out to learn more. 

Coral Restoration Foundation

  • 27% of the world's coral reefs have disappeared.
  • The CRF is rebuilding the ocean's coral reefs! The CRF grows corals in coral tree nurseries along the Florida coast. Once the corals are large enough, they are transplated to areas where the reef is being depleted or has been destroyed.
  • We serve as a bank for the CRF. Our Caribbean exhibit features staghorn corals that can be transplanted if this endangered species comes closer to extinction.
  • Visit for more information.

Tropical Butterfly Farms

  • Our butterflies are supplied by farms from around the world. Chrysalides are imported from farms in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Suriname, and the Philippines, then they emerge as beautiful butterflies in our conservatory.
  • We receive over 18,000 chrysalides every year!
  • By investing in these farms and the local people, we are also protecting the rainforest. Butterfly farmers preserve the rainforest around them to improve the habitat quality for the butterflies.
  • We receive shipments from Bioproductores (, CRES (, El Bosque Nuevo (, LPS (, and Neotropical Insects.

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