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Discover the Marine Cove Learn with Nature Explore the Butterfly House Nature Heals

Help Bring Jellyfish to South Dakota!

Will you Help us complete our next ocean adventure?

Ben, Mindy, Sophie, & Spencer watch the moon jellies catch tiny shrimp for lunch.

We need your help now to complete our next ocean adventure:  Jellyfish!

Because of you, we give beautiful moments of fascination and curiosity to your children and granchildren.

Ben Dold, one of our board members, explains what it means to his family:  "From the clownfish to the coral reefs, the kids stare in wonder and their questions are endless.  With the chance to touch the starfish, stingrays, and sharks, the ocean is in our back yard, creating a precious opportunity for our landlocked children to connect with the sea."

Hi! I'm Bell the South Dakotan Jellyfish!

Few marine creatures intrigue us as much as jellyfish.  Strange, mysterious, and otherworldly, these aquarium favorites will be the final addition to the Marine Cove.  Our "spokes-jelly," Bell the South Dakotan Jellyfish, is helping kids learn about the fascinating life of a jellyfish in South Dakota.

And we need your support if we are going to keep Bell and her friends here in Sioux Falls as they grow and reproduce.  

Unfortunately, we've already started sending jellyfish to other aquariums because they need bigger homes for their ever-growing tentacles.  But your year-end contribution can ensure your children will have the opportunity to experience jellyfish in South Dakota for years to come...

... And your gift will help us build three jellyfish exhibits!

Wow! Sophie & Spencer touch moon jellyfish.

Sophie counts jellyfish behind the scenes at the Marine Cove.

Moon Jelly Life Cycle:  Much like our butterflies, children will witness another of nature's miracles -- the life cycle of a jellyfish!

Jelly Touch Pool:  WIth only a few in the country, the Jelly Touch Pool will be another way to interact with the ocean thousands of miles from the sea.  But don't worry, moon jelyfish don't sting!

Pacific Sea Nettles:  Growing as large as 15 feet long, the enchanting Pacific Sea Nettles captivate children and adults alike.

Please make your donation today.  Continue fostering your children's sense of curiosity and fascination with nature.  Create memories and experiences.  When is the next time you'll see a child's eyes light up with wonder?  I hope it will be here in the Marine Cove with the new jellyfish exhibits!

Thank you for helping us bring the ocean to the prairie!

I want to help bring Jellyfish to the Marine Cove!

We look forward to sharing our Jellyfish Exhibits with you!

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