Discover the Marine Cove Learn with Nature Explore the Butterfly House Nature Heals
Discover the Marine Cove Learn with Nature Explore the Butterfly House Nature Heals

Volunteer Opportunities

Share Your Love of Nature and Education!

Choose from a variety of volunteer positions, depending on your interests:

Butterfly Interpreter

Our Butterfly Interpreter position is unique and critical to the Butterfly House. While in the Butterfly House, the important duties are making the visitors feel welcome, answering questions, and, of course, making sure the butterflies don’t get out! This is one of our most popular positions because of the tranquility of the Butterfly House. Interpreter are encouraged to develop their butterfly knowledge and species identification skills as they spend time with us.

Shark & Stingray interpreter

This is an opportunity for volunteers that compares to none other in town. We are looking for great volunteers who are aquarium enthusiasts or just want to learn and share information about our amazing oceans. Shark & Sting Ray Interpreter work at the Shark  & Stingray Touch Pool, where they educate guests about our stingrays and sharks, and help them safely touch the animals.

Tidal Pool interpreter

The Tidal Pool is full of cold water animals like sea stars, sea anemones, and sea cucumbers that our visitors can touch.  If you are fascinated by the ocean's diverse marine life, this is the perfect position for you!  Volunteer with these incredible invertebrates and help guests safely touch the sea stars, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins.

Education Ambassador

This position is a great fit for those interested or involved in the education field! Education Ambassadors facilitate the field trips that we have during the school year, with the greatest need in April and May. At the busiest of times, our facility sees nearly 300 students a day! Applicants are encouraged to be comfortable with large groups of children of all ages and be ready to have fun with the kids, marine life, and butterflies.


Internships are available for college students seeking experience in marine biology, horticulture, ecology, education, and/or marketing.  Interns may receive college credits for the internship.  A minimum requirement of ten hours per week for ten weeks is required.  Internships are on a volunteer basis.

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